How to Measure Your Ring Size

Updated: May 8

It's like a jungle of ring sizes out there. How does one get out of the digital marketplace with a ring on their finger?

I recently faced the problem myself and did an extensive research. There are three methods that everyone can use at home. If you know another one, please share it in the comments.

Method 1: Take a ring that you already have and measure its inner diameter with a ruler. To make it easier, put the ring on a piece of paper, contour it from the inside with a pen, and then measure the drawing.

There are different measurement scales around the world. Once you have the diameter of your ring, check out the conversion table below.

Method 2: Take a narrow strip of paper and roll it around your finger. Not too loose, not too tight. Use a pen to mark where the two ends meet. Measure the length of the paper strip between the two marks to get the perimeter of your finger (circumference). Then check out the conversion table below.

Method 3: The most accurate and easiest method out there is to get a ring sizer. I recommend the metal ones as they are better quality and can be used for many years (and because they are more nature-friendly). The prices of those start at around EUR 8 and the investment is totally worth it if you are going to use the tool more than once.